CBC Canada Writes NonFiction Longlist announced…

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My new life rule will involve sleeping more often; every time I wake up I get AMAZING news.

Almost six months ago, I submitted my nonfiction piece Four Photos’ (a slimmed down version of ‘Five Photos, One List’) to the CBC Canada Writes NonFiction contest. The wait was pretty rough (not actually, I’m just impatient); it was the first non-fiction piece I felt was genuinely tight enough to send out to magazines and contests, but the fine print on other contests I eyed stated I couldn’t double submit something that was longlisted elsewhere. To be safe, I had to wait until Canada Writes announced theirs before taking my piece anywhere else.

Four Photos was a piece I’d read at Outwrite, the BFA Reading Series the UBC CRWR Department held last year, as well as at the BFA/MFA Grad reading held this past May.

The clear point of this post is to say it made the cut! I got to wake up to see my name among thirty-four others in my first nonfiction longlist! The shortlist will be announced July 16th. I can definitely wait for that.

The full list can be found here.

– Savage

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