Vancouver Fringe Festival: Seaside Stories of Terrible Things

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one.

Amidst my writing projects and that lovely post-graduation existential crisis (i.e. May & June), I was approached by local writer/director/burlesque performer/powerhouse Julia Mauro to take part in her debut Fringe production, Seaside Stories of Terrible Things.

Slated to tell three interweaving nautical ghost stories, SSTT is part of the Fringe Onsite program, a branch of the Fringe I was (sadly) completely unaware of until this Spring. Following a (non-lottery!) rigorous application process, Fringe Onsite features a group of budding artists who create scripts, cast, crews and whole productions from scratch in seven months; each year is given a theme to work their production around. This year, the theme is ‘Adaptations’.

Using Noh scripts, fairy/folk/wive’s tales, and good ol’ lifeguard safety manuals as source texts, Julia has crafted a haunting narrative of the ephemeral link our hearts make to the intangible, and the karmic consequences of underestimating the sea. (As an added bonus, I was able to help contribute original writing to the script!)

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– Savage

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– Savage