Tickets for SSTT now on sale!

Apologies for the healthy delay in posts!

August has been downright chaotic. But in all the best ways.
SSTT is costumed, off-book, blocked, and nearing its first instalment of videography with Alexandra Caulfield and Ryder White, of Caulfied-White Productions. Even more exciting is that tickets are now on sale through the Fringe website! Important things to note: as with the purchase of tickets to any Fringe production, you must become a member first. Online, this means creating an account and including the ‘membership fee’ ($5) with your ticket cost. In person, it means seeking out a Fringe Info tent and buying a membership directly. Additional note: We have limited capacity (hoorah for Alder Bay’s Secret Staircase!), so be sure to grab your tickets quick!

– Savage

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