Cabaret Du Passé: Transformations

Somehow the whirlwind of Seaside Stories of Terrible Things is already behind me (with 5 out of the 8 nights sold out or oversold!), and I’m on to the next project!

This week, I’m taking on two things that definitely mark the beginning of Fall: a night at Cabaret du Passé and a full-day WordPlay workshop in West Vancouver. It’s shaping up to be a wonderfully busy week.

This time last year, I was invited for the first time to join the dazzling crew of burlesque performers at Cabaret du Passé to share poetry on the Guilt & Co stage; I felt it was quite successful. I shared ‘Scrap Metal’ as my first piece, which seems to be a consistently solid choice for a burlesque crowd, with my second piece being ‘Mason Jars’. Truth be told, I had never before performed alongside burlesque performers, and I hadn’t attended enough burlesque-type events to be able to gauge the type of crowds they attract. My shortage of erotic poetry (and by shortage I mean complete lack) meant I had to settle with the next best thing: a love poem. As some of you may know, my love poetry dwells in the realm of forever love/loss, and my relationship poetry dwells in the realm of being scorned, repeatedly. I chose the former over the latter, and I felt it went over well enough all things considered, but made it a goal of mine to dive into writing erotica to suit the next gig better.

Fast forward to today. I have a new piece that I’m contemplating reading, definitely fitted to the night, or a cover piece I’m also entertaining, Last Love by Rachel McKibbens. The latter hits hard, and is a piece that sticks with everyone who hears it, regardless of their interest in poetry.

I’m bringing both to Cabaret du Passé, and plan on testing the waters with the audience’s mood to previous acts. I shall keep you posted on the final decision!

For more information about the event, visit the Facebook page:

– Savage

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