Sex Education

In the Spring of 2014, Kelsey attended Options for Sexual Health’s Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) workshop¹ and was amazed at the level of personal development it afforded to folks of all walks of life. After staying connected with Opt as an organization and following their work in promoting accessible and comprehensive sexual health resources across the province, she decided to take the next step in her career. She applied for Opt’s Sexual Health Education Certification course (SHEC)² and was accepted for the Spring 2016 semester. Over five months, she and a cohort of 15 teachers, Registered Nurses, writers, activists and educators completed the course component of the program, located at B.C. Women’s Hospital. In the Spring of 2017, Kelsey began working for Opt as a Clinic Coordinator, and is currently completing a 30-hour practicum for her SHEC certification.


    Kelsey (centre) with Opt B.C.’s Education Coordinator Saira Hansen (left) and
Director of Education Kristen Gilbert (right)

Within the B.C. school system’s current Learning Standards, Kelsey teaches the following topics:

– Gender & Sexuality
– Relationships & Decision Making
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Contraception
– Pregnancy
– STI/Safer Sex Practices
– Puberty
– Sexuality Across the Lifespan

She has also been trained as a RealTalk facilitator to run workshops with groups with cognitive disabilities on dating, love, relationships, and sex; she’s been working with RealTalk since March of 2018.

To date, Kelsey has taught the following topics to the following audiences:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in Clinical Practice – Vancouver Career College’s Licensed Practical Nursing Students³
  • Transgender Patient Care – Vancouver Career College’s Licensed Practical Nursing Students
  • Condoms, Lubricants, Barrier Alternatives – Sawdust Collector’s Valentine’s Day Show
  • Anatomy & Physiology, Contraception, STI/Safer Sex Practices – Canadian Royal Arts High School
  • Sexting, Internet Safety, and the LGBTTQQIAA+ Spectrum – Canadian Royal Arts High School
  • All Bodies Puberty – Grades 5 & 6, Vancouver College Elementary School
  • STIs and Sexual Health – Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society
  • Healthy Relationships, Sexual Decision Making – Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society
  • Birth Control Options – Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society

Forthcoming workshops:

  • RealTalk Women – A dedicated RealTalk session on dating, love, relationships, and sex for women, by women.